A Toto ticket was never purchased by you? You are missing out during lottery peak seasons such as Chinese New Year.

But if you discover the rules of the lottery daunting, we have got a guide to teach you the fundamentals of setting a Toto bet.

Toto’s version is the Bet. This involves choosing on at least six numbers between 1 and 49. The minimum wager is $1 for every pair of numbers, and you win a prize if your numbers match at least three of the numbers.


If of your numbers match the six numbers, is the jackpot. Numbers need to belong to the set although you can purchase a couple of sets of numbers on a ticket.

By choosing QuickPick, which won’t be charged at any price, In case you’ve got no quantity preference, you can generate random numbers.

There are complex betting systems like the System 7. This permits you to select location seven to 12 numbers although cost that is betting will ncrease.

By way of instance, purchasing a System 7 Entry provides you the option of 7 numbers, making up 7 regular entrances. Thus the bet amount becomes $7 as your odds are multiplied by 7. Purchasing a System 8 Entrance will cost you $28.

This is exactly the same for System 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 in which you’re able to select more numbers with a higher bet. You can purchase a System 12 Entry if you want to share your wager to improve your odds. Although this raises your odds for the jackpot, a System 12 bet could cost up to $924. You may refer to this table how much each entry expenses below.

You can buy one or more components of iTOTO to split a System 12 Entry’s likelihood. An iTOTO wager is a QuickPick System 12 Entry. Each unit costs $33 (price of a System 12 Entry of $924 divided by 28). The prize amount for every iTOTO unit that is winning is the prize amount of the QuickPick System 12 Entry. If you’re tempted to find a System 12 Entrance to improve your chances of winning, this is a less expensive and popular option.

Another sort of Toto wager is the System Roll in which you can place a bet on five numbers of your choice and one amount that is rolling. The amount, designated by’R’ can represent all 44 numbers that are remaining. The bet amount for the machine roll is $44 as this offers you 44 mixtures of entries that are ordinary.

Ah, the big question! Always bear in mind that the prize money will be divided among the amount of winners for that category in a draw. That amount will be rolled over to the draw, if there were not any winners who matched the numbers within a group. The table below illustrates the various groups depending on the amount of numbers.

You can check the amount by employing the decoration calculator that you’ve won.

Bear in mind, there are strategies although the rules might appear straightforward to picking these amounts.