The majority of the time, numbers to be drawn next would have emerged in the previous 7 draws. It is a good idea to avoid picking them if you find that numbers have never been drawn before 7 draws.

Because the likelihood of getting numbers are lesser with birth dates and anniversaries, dates work well for 4D, but not for Toto. Most of these dates fall under smaller numbers such as 1 to 12 or 1 to 7. That means most people wind up selecting amounts. So if you win, the chances are that your prize money is split among lots of individuals as well.

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As crazy as it seems, go for the random numbers — meaning that the QuickPick Option. There have been many instances of someone hitting the jackpot out of the likelihood of getting more people split your winnings is smaller and a $ 1 QuickPick ticket.

The chances of having all six numbers being even or all odd is rare having a mix can increase your odds of winning. Do you know these mixtures have come out in at least 80% of the draws?

This is an ironic way of choosing numbers but it has happened in draws. Within each set of six numbers, there have been common cases of a set of consecutive numbers. (eg. 17 and 18, 11 and 12, etc).

It’s been observed that punters tend to select patterns such as a straight or diagonal line across the TOTO slip. This causes many bets for all these combinations and it will be split in the event that you win the prize money.

There are some who swear by numerology, where you are able to calculate when coupled with your birth date if the number you’re gambling on signifies a fortune, or you could compute it based on the draw date. The accuracy is quite high as compared to probability procedures.

Some may deem this superstitious but hey, there have been known cases of people striking at smallish windfalls. Numerology is actually linked to methods of probability which combines scientific studies and reading that is oracle.