If you’re looking for the most fashionable haircuts available right now, then you’ve come to the right place. Everyone loves a classic bob or perm, but sometimes you want some extra variety. Here are some haircuts to consider when you’re thinking about what to do with your hair.

  • Chandelier Bangs
Woman with layered hair

(Courtesy of Alan Vuong)

Bangs are perfect for anyone who isn’t sure what to do with their hair. Bangs have become popular for any and all hair lengths, but they work particularly well with long layers. Bangs flow together with long layers to shape your face and eyes. Ask your stylist for longer layers at the back and smooth layers to frame your face for this look.

  • Polished Bobs
Julianne Hough with a blunt bob

(Courtesy of Riawna Capri)

The structure of the style is going to be an essential part of any great haircut. We’re moving away from messy looks and moving to more polished looks. Sleek styles that involve thick lines are going to become more popular over time, such as polished bobs.

  • Strong Bobs
Woman with a strong sharp bob haircut

(Courtesy of @Spokeandweal on Instagram)

Women in Cali are keeping their hair blunt with strong bobs. This haircut represents a statement that being cool is more important than being sexy, or that being cool is how women are sexy these days. Strong bobs work for any hair texture, but ask your stylist to thin your hair first if it is too dense.

  • Asymmetrical Undercut
Woman with an asymmetrical undercut

The asymmetrical undercut combines a sharp bob with a pixie cut to create curls and an undercut that comes together beautifully. One way to make sure that you get the look you want is to take some photos of looks you don’t want to your stylist. Letting them know what you don’t want makes it much easier for them to create the look you do want.

  • Long Shag
Long Shag Haircut

(Courtesy of Rosana Rojas)

The shag has always been an attractive look and always will. This look is versatile, and so you want to give yours a fresh update by including long layers. The long shag look is excellent for any kind of face shape, hair texture, or hair length. This effortless look is popular in salons all around the country, so your stylist is sure to know just what you’re after when you request it.